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Vince, Ginny and Nigel

Vince, Ginny and Nigel

Few of my friends started a really trendy snack bar called “Food and Liquor” in Toronto last year. Ginny, Vince and Nigel have all pinched in their great idea to open up a late food/drink bar in a trendy area of Toronto, Parkdale.


Ginny and Vice are originally from Vancouver, Nigel is from just outside of Toronto. I know Ginny and Vince from ages ago, back when we use to party together in Vancouver and I met Nigel two years ago while I lived in London. Ginny works for Air Canada as a stewardess, both Nigel and Vice use to work as a chef for numerous restaurants.

Patio Area

Patio Area


I have recently travelled to Toronto and got to visit this place for the first time. I loved it, and not just saying it because they are my friends, but because the place is really good and I really liked the concept. It is very small and cosy there, with dim lights and cool music. The food is Asian inspired and the drinks are to die for. It got very lively there, everyone seemed to know each other and it felt like a big party. Decor is pretty cool as well. I would highly recommend to visit this place. If you are in Toronto and looking for a late night place with good food, drinks and good vibes, definitely goto Food and Liquor.

Food and Liquor

Food and Liquor


1610 Queen St. West

Toronto, Ontario M6R 1A8

Open daily:  17:00 – 02:00

Saturday & Sunday 14:00-2:00





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For those who love good electronic music you need to know about Moderat. Moderat is an electronic music project that originated in Berlin, Germany. It started as a collaboration between Sascha Ring, also known as Apparat, and Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, also known as Modeselektor.

Sebastian Szary Sascha Ring Gernot Bronsert

Sebastian Szary, Sascha Ring and Gernot Bronsert

I saw them last year at Easter Electrics music festival just outside of London, and I have to say my experience was unforgettable. They have amazing sound and visual effects. I love Apparat and Modeselektor and for me to see them all three play together was priceless.



Instagram Me



I just got a new Instagram account. Follow me there for the  latest adventures, style, food cravings, architectural wonders and much more!


Travel Essentials


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Travel in style



Are you a world traveller like me? Some essential pieces to take with you on your next journey. I can’t live without my MacBook , Ray Bans , AKG Headphones and Michael Kors watch. Of course don’t forget to take your passport. Have fun!

Jack J from Vancouver


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In my blog I have mentioned many times my love for music.

I am constantly on the lookout for the new talent and the  music that moves me.

After living for two years in London, where most of mu favourite music comes and where i found it hard to keep up with all the gigs, I recently came back to Vancouver. Being back in VAN CITY made me health conscious once again. Endless hikes, bike rides around the sea wall, running marathons and eating gluten-free organic produce, what a change to my somewhat unhealthy, crazy life style I left behind in London.

Vancouver has a lot to offer to those who are on the look out for outdoorsy adventures. If you are looking for busy night life, culture, fashion or big music scene, better go to Montreal.

But once in a while you do come across some amazing talent, that can be found in oh so healthy and green Vancouver.

Today for instance I came across this guy. Jack J, our own Vancouver boy making groovy, soulful beats.





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With the begging of the new decade in 1910’s fashionable silhouette became more fluid and soft.

When the Ballets Russes preformed “Scheherazade” in Paris in 1910, an obsession for Orientalism was ensured.

The busy, working women of the time needed respectable but at the same time practice clothing for everyday wear and better garments for weekends. The smart tailor-made outfit was mainstay of the female wardrobe and compromised an ankle-length skirt and long, matching jacket.

Beaded and embroidered evening or dinner gown, 'La Mode' magazine, French, 1910.

Beaded and embroidered evening or dinner gown, ‘La Mode’ magazine, French, 1910.

By 914 skirts were the widest at the hips and very narrow at the ankles those making it very difficult for long strides.


Very talented couturier Paul Poiret was the leading dressmaker at the time, His clients were transformed into harem girls, in flowing pantaloons, turbans, and vivid colors and geishas in exotic kimono. Paul Poiret was also the first designer to invent an outfit that was easily put on without a maid’s help.

Art Deco, a new style emerging around that time was a big influence in the fashion world and leading couturiers of that time were very quick to catch up on that 1910

In 1911,Paul Poiret introduced “Parfums de Rosine,” named after his daughter, becoming the first French couturier to launch a signature fragrance, although again the London designer Lucile had preceded him with a range of in-house perfumes as early as 1907.


Another two of the most influential fashion designers of the time were Jacques Doucet and Mariano Fortuny.

In 1912, the fashion creations of Jacques Doucet were illustrated in the fashion magazine La Gazette du Bon Ton with six other leading Paris designers of the day – Louise Chéruit,Georges DoeuilletJeanne PaquinPaul PoiretRedfern & Sons, and the House of Charles Worth. His most original and outstanding designs were those he created for actresses of the time. Cecile Sorel, Rejane and Sarah Bernhardt (for whom he designed her famous white costume in L’Aiglon) all wore his designs both on and off stage.


With the WWI (1914-1919) on the horizon the world of fashion started to change. Paul Poiret and other fashion designers were called into the military and their couture houses closed. Wartime prevented commerce between France and the United States and, although the French silk industry remained in operation in Lyon, its clientele in the couture disappeared into the army along with many of its weavers.

As male designers were off defending France, a young female designer came of age. In 1915, Gabrielle Chanel was in the West of France, out of the combat zones, producing hats and designing loose-fitting chemise dresses with belts at the hip. By 1916, she was making casual pleated skirts from the practical Rodier wool jersey that before the war had been restricted to men’s underwear, and topping them with sailors’ sweaters–in the mode of the sportswear that had begun to appear earlier in Vogue.

Circa 1912 - Gabrielle ChaTnel in Etreta

Circa 1912 – Gabrielle ChaTnel in Etreta

Hats and Hair Style

Large hats with wide brims and broad hats with face-shadowing brims were the height of fashion in the early years of the decade, gradually shrinking to smaller hats with flat brims. Bobbed or short hair was introduced to Paris fashion in 1909 and spread to avant-garde circles in England during the war. Actress and fashion trendsetter of the silent films of that era, Irene Castle helped spread the fashion for short hairstyles in America.


During 1910’s ladies began fussing about narrow feet, believing that it was a sign of good breeding and gentility. Both men and women wore shoes that were a full size too small, sometimes going as far as removing their small toe for extra narrow effect. Women wore boots during the day and the court shoe with a small Louis heel in the evenings. These were often embellished with embroidery or metallic thread and glass or jet beading on the toes. Did you know that the first sneaker was developed called Keds in 1917.  Do you know why they were called sneakers? The rubber sole didn’t make noise when you walked and you could quite literally “sneak” up on someone.


Menswear 1910's - Costume Reference

Menswear 1910’s – Costume Reference

Men’s Fashion

The Sack Suit- these were long, plain, loose-fitting (some might call them baggy) suit jackets with wide lapels and a one to three button closure. The most common colours were; Navy, Grey, Green and occasionally Brown. Fabrics were all wool with hints of striping, checks and plaid. The jacket could hang with straight opening edges or rounded. The overall look was a box shape jacket with pants with roomy hips and legs that hung straight down to the ankles, tapered slightly and were cuffed at the bottom.


Shoes in the 1910's

Shoes in the 1910’s


Men could choose between three types of shoes, largely depending on where the shoes were going to be worn. Boots were designed for heavy walking and were usually worn for traveling, business and labor jobs. They were not ugly or bland. They were often two toned with the upper half white like a shoe spats, or a lighter color than the sole. Laces laced half way up and then switched to loop and hooks for the remainder of the height. The toes were pointed and the arches were high.

Hats and hairstyles and gloves:

Illustrator _ grain Wan Chai Photo Album - heap Sugar

Illustrator _ grain Wan Chai Photo Album – heap Sugar

Men always wore gloves, usually white in colour. Final touch for well-dressed Edwardian man was a hat. Derbies or bowlers and homburgs were acceptable day wear while silk top hats were worn for formal occasions. Sportsmen wore flat caps, also called Ivy, cab driver, or Newsboy hats.


Hair style in the 1910's

Hair style in the 1910’s

In the 1910s, actor Lon Chaney wore the decade’s classic men’s haircut that is still favoured today, though with some modern touches. He wore his hair short and clipped, slicked back, and with a neat side part. The key is a short, neat haircut slicked back from the face, although rarely some men wore a sort of pompadour style.







Vancouver Sleep Clinic/Music to Love To

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Hard to believe that this kid is only 17 years old. Tim Bettinson from Australia, is the Vancouver Sleep Clinic. His beautiful ambient sounds are mellow and soul reaching.

If you are in Europe this summer, don’t miss his first European tour this August, it kicks off in Wales on August 17th.

Here is a short interview he did for Tomatrax:

What made you want to become a musician?

I’ve always grown up with instruments all over the house; and my dad had me growing up on The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac my whole childhood. I suppose the turning point was when I first heard Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” and Sigur Ros’ “Valtari”. When I saw the emotional connection these artists were making with listeners around the world; I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

When did you write your first song?

When I was around 12; on the piano. I don’t even want to recall what it was about. Haha.

Where did the name Vancouver Sleep Clinic come from?

When I first starting writing for this project; I felt like it could be the type of atmospheric music that people could fall asleep to. Thus the Sleep Clinic part. Vancouver looks like a beautiful place and I thought it would be perfect to add at the front for originality and experimentation.


What made you choose to perform under an alias rater than your name?

I really want this to evolve into something that’s more than myself! My dream is to be playing with a 10 piece band in forests, castles or canyons – anything cool! Making music has never been about me placing myself in any spotlight; it’s about giving people a collective experience.

You’ve just been announced as an Unearthed High finalist, has this had any impact on your music’s exposure?

It’s been absolutely crazy. I’m still overwhelmed daily by all the people letting me know how my music has impacted them! So thankful to Triple J for the support.

What made you pick Vapour as the Unearthed submission?

It was actually the first song I’d written for the project; and everything about it felt like a perfect representation of my cause and my vision for writing music.

Are there any plans to release an album?

I’m looking at putting out a follow-up single in the next month or so; and then an EP before the end of the year! Really exciting times.

When writing what comes first, the words or the music?
Tim Bettinson

Tim Bettinson

It’s funny; my maths workbook is usually filled with lyrics that I write whilst staring out the window in class; and then I have musical parts I fiddle around with at home – and  somehow they generally tend to fit together perfectly!

What was the first album you owned?

Wow, that’s tracking back a bit. I bought my very first album when I was around 6 years old. It was by a band called Switchfoot and the album was called ‘Meant to Live.’

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Way too much, unfortunately. I’m the sort of person that will listen to my own stuff over and over again and force myself to find every single little flaw in it to fix up. I listen to it through different speakers, at different times and in different moods to make sure it’s perfect in my eyes from every possible place.

What other music do you listen to?

I love so many different types of music. When I’m writing I actually stay away from a lot of my favourite music (Daughter, Sigur Ros, James Blake, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, The Middle East, Grizzly Bear, Art of Sleeping) and enjoy listening to totally different styles. It generally surprises people who I’m actually a bit of a sucker for hardcore as well!


What is planned for Vancouver Sleep Clinic next?

Really exciting times ahead for this project! I’ve just found my feet under management and am now looking towards my first live show on the 30th of August supporting The Trouble With Templeton; and then a new release!




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Free  music site

Free music site

I love music almost more than anything in this world. I like to listen to good tunes and go dancing. I have a lot of friends who are into music or music production and Djing.

I just want to share my Soundcloud account for you to follow me, listen to what I am listening to and to explore the evene ending music world.

Soundcloud was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2007, with headquarters in Berlin, Germany. It is my favourite music site where I can follow all the artists I am into.

Find me on Soundcloud under OlySha from Vancouver, Canada.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!


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Sometimes images are so powerful, they need no explanation

Sometimes images are so powerful, they need no explanation

I would like to share with you some powerful images from around the world. I am a visual person, just like most of the people out there. I am really into photography and capturing a picture often means a slice of history, captured forever, stands still in the times of eternity. Most of the pictures we take on the daily basis are just some meaningless images that we might look at once or twice, something likeselfies, pictures of buildings, cars,us wearing different outfits, showing ourself off to our friends and the world on social media platforms. But sometimes we get to capture something breathtaking, that will defy the history of time. And these are those images that captivated us for generations and will do exactly that for generations to come, as long as you can preserve the image, it will live on forever in time.



Fashion Vancouver Style


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Vancouver lifestyle fashion

Vancouver lifestyle inspired fashion

I lived in Vancouver since 1997. It’s a great place to be, rated one of the best cities to live in the world, Vancouver certainly has a lot to offer. Each to their own. I find that it is a great place to be if you like outdoors, anything to do with nature and recreation. I am the kind of person who wants it all, I often say it’s all or nothing, I want the same from the city I live in. I want more than just the stunning mountain and ocean views, endless hiking trails and yoga studios with organic shops sprouting around all over town.

Lululemon takes over Vancouver

Lululemon takes over Vancouver

I, my self love the nature with a good balance of city life, night life, cultural events, art galleries, museums, hipster eateries and of course good selection of fashion stores. I have been working in the fashion industry for many years and often found it very difficult to find a good places to shop in Vancouver, or for that matter even stylish people sometimes are far and few in between. It was after all named third worst dressed city in world in 2011, due to yoga pants trend that we owe to a world-famous yoga company founded in Vancouver and that isLululemon.

Aritzia Style and Trends

Aritzia Style and Trends

But not all is lots for this beautiful city. This city does have some cool and trendy companies coming out here. Of course everyone in Vancouver will know about Aritzia. I have worked for Aritzia for over three years. It was a great experience and a pleasure to work for a local company with so many like-minded and stylish people. Started out in 1984 by Brian Hill, who is by far the coolest boss I have ever worked for. What I like about Aritzia is that they cater to different age groups. They have in-house designers working very hard to come up with the latest fashion styles, the only problem with Aritzia is that everyone shops there, so in a small city like Vancouver, you are often one of many girls wearing the same shirt or a pair of pants.

Aritzia, if you are from Vancouver, you shop there!

Aritzia, if you are from Vancouver, you shop there!

Another local brand is Obakki. I have also worked for them. They make high-end luxury clothing, evening dresses. Very fine quality indeed, just need to find that special occasion to wear it for. Obakki was founded in 2005 by Treana Peake. Treena is an amazing woman, pleasure to work with, she also donates a lot of her profit to many different organizations. The Obakki Foundation, Obakki’s philanthropic counterpart, is a registered charity that focuses on providing clean water and education in Africa.

Elegant and luxury designs from Obakki

Elegant and luxury designs from Obakki

And of course least but not last is Herschel Supply Co, Vancouver very own hipster company making backpacks, bags and travel accessories. To tell you the truth I had no idea Herschel was from Vancouver. It took me to move to London to find out about them first ,way back in 2012. I use to shop in Mercantile boutique in East London and they carried Herschel backpacks there. Never thought backpacks would be so trendy, but they caught my eye and now I have three backpacks and a wallet and I am sure I will keep buying more with each season. I barely ever leave my house without my Herschel backpack, they are stylish and you can fit so many things, perfect for on the go lifestyle.

Herschel, be seen

Herschel, be seen

Hipster backpacks, Yes please!

Hipster backpacks, Yes please!

I will mention Lululemon, who are massively big all over the world. Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson. Although I don’t shop there, I am still proud to see the company do well on the international market.

My conclusion is, don’t come to Vancouver for it’s fashion or shopping. Do come here if you love nature, want to experience a young, modern and multicultural city, but if you want style, definitely go to NY instead, if you so happen to be in North America. As for me, I do most of my shopping online.