NY Fashion Week

NY Fashion Week

Fashion is a big part of my life, I like to express my self through style, I follow to some extend fashion trends and news, I scan pages of fashion magazines and watch highlights from my favourite fashion shows. I won’t lie and say that I am an expert. I only follow things I like, and don’t stress my self out be know the latest news.

But some of us fashionistas out there would like to think they know everything there is to know about fashion world and culture. It is so trendy to have a fashion blog, be fashion savvy, attend all the fashion shows around the world and then blog about it. Some fashion bloggers have made it big and make it their full-time jobs, that’s amazing to me, and all the power to them. But do they really know everything there is to know about fashion, or is it just an image they would like us to believe in.

Here is a video from Jimmy Kimmel show which proves that fashionistas are, well full of you know what..Check it out for your self