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Vince, Ginny and Nigel

Vince, Ginny and Nigel

Few of my friends started a really trendy snack bar called “Food and Liquor” in Toronto last year. Ginny, Vince and Nigel have all pinched in their great idea to open up a late food/drink bar in a trendy area of Toronto, Parkdale.


Ginny and Vice are originally from Vancouver, Nigel is from just outside of Toronto. I know Ginny and Vince from ages ago, back when we use to party together in Vancouver and I met Nigel two years ago while I lived in London. Ginny works for Air Canada as a stewardess, both Nigel and Vice use to work as a chef for numerous restaurants.

Patio Area

Patio Area


I have recently travelled to Toronto and got to visit this place for the first time. I loved it, and not just saying it because they are my friends, but because the place is really good and I really liked the concept. It is very small and cosy there, with dim lights and cool music. The food is Asian inspired and the drinks are to die for. It got very lively there, everyone seemed to know each other and it felt like a big party. Decor is pretty cool as well. I would highly recommend to visit this place. If you are in Toronto and looking for a late night place with good food, drinks and good vibes, definitely goto Food and Liquor.

Food and Liquor

Food and Liquor


1610 Queen St. West

Toronto, Ontario M6R 1A8

Open daily:  17:00 – 02:00

Saturday & Sunday 14:00-2:00


Email: info@foodandliquor.com