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In my blog I have mentioned many times my love for music.

I am constantly on the lookout for the new talent and the  music that moves me.

After living for two years in London, where most of mu favourite music comes and where i found it hard to keep up with all the gigs, I recently came back to Vancouver. Being back in VAN CITY made me health conscious once again. Endless hikes, bike rides around the sea wall, running marathons and eating gluten-free organic produce, what a change to my somewhat unhealthy, crazy life style I left behind in London.

Vancouver has a lot to offer to those who are on the look out for outdoorsy adventures. If you are looking for busy night life, culture, fashion or big music scene, better go to Montreal.

But once in a while you do come across some amazing talent, that can be found in oh so healthy and green Vancouver.

Today for instance I came across this guy. Jack J, our own Vancouver boy making groovy, soulful beats.