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Fashion shows around the world have been presenting us new collections for Fall 2013.  We saw new trends and new designs, but not only can we see what will be trendy in the coming seasons but also we can observe trending colours for upcoming seasons.

In this article we will look at four cities that play major roles in the fashion world. These cites are; NY, London, Milan and Paris.

Of course we all know that dar colours usually dominate Fall and Winter and light colours Spring and Summer. Some years it is more obvious than others. For Fall 2013 it is very clear that dark colours rule the runways. We see a lot of balk shades on the runways, big increase from last fall. Blue colours were very dominant, about 30%, about the same as last year. Blue colours on the runway were present in all four cities. Shades of red came in second place. Green was a very trendy colour  last fall. This year emerald was chosen by Pantone as the colour of the year, but it was absent from most of the fashion shows this year, could it be because green is a hard colour to wear? I personally like some shades of green, I have three jackets in a military green colour. Other green colours chosen by Pantone were deep lichen green, a mossy, nature-inspired hue – to the more yellow-based Linden green.


NY Fall 2013

Shades of blue and red were dominant during the fashion hows in NY.  We also  saw a lot of navy blues, military greens and some neutral colours.


London Fall 2013

London wasn’t going to get the bad weather spoil the mood. Bright colours were dominating at the runway shows in this city. Two most dominant colours were blue and red. Colours like oxblood were dominating for Burberry Prorsum, Felder Felder, and Marios Schwab.  London had the biggest pocket of bright orange from shows like Richard Nicoll and Joseph Conran.


Milan Fall 2013

Last season, Milan had a well-balanced diet of pastels. For this fall, however, the city is almost entirely devoid of any proper green or orange, both of which veered to the side of yellow-toned. As a result, there were plenty of mustards and camels to play around with. But then, neutrals are typically more popular for fall, and it’s something we saw in every city.



Out of  the four cities, Paris definitely had the largest percentage of blue in every variety, domination the third of the colour looks. There was an especially large section of dusty blues thanks to designers like Louis Vuitton and A. F. Vandevorst. Green and orange were predictably absent as well.

My finale conclusion for the Fall 2013 colour trend. Two most dominant colours are definitely blues and reds. As to Pantone number one colour trend of emerald-green, well, not much of it on the runway shows.