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I want to introduce to you my gorgeous friend Carlie. She is a Fit Model at Aritzia. I worked with Carlie for 3 years. We became very close over the years and shared a lot of funny stories about our life adventures. I was very sad to leave the company and to lose a great work colleague like Carlie. At only 23 years of age, Carlie is a young and ambitions individual.

I want to do a mini interview with her, because most of you will have no idea what a Fit Model is and what this job involves, skills, qualifications etc. All  fashion designers or clothing manufacturers use Fit Models to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a “real” human being, effectively acting as a live mannequin.

OS: Where are you from Carlie?

CR: I am born and raised in Port Coquitlam, BCCanada.  Lived in the same house my whole life, but this weekend I am finally moving in with my boyfriend Kyle. I am very exited, it’s a big step in life and I really look forward to it.

OS: What are you doing with your life at the moment?

CR: I am studying General Business for my Diploma and after that I hope to figure out what area I am interested in, so far marketing strategy is my go to.

OS: How did you get into Fit Modelling and when?

CR: I started Fit Modelling after I was laid off from my warehouse job in Port Coquitlam and my boyfriend at the time showed me an add out of the Metro newspaper saying Aritzia was looking for Fit Models with measurements..
Bust: 34”
Waist: 26”
Hips: 36”
I was hired after my first interview (all they did was measure me with my clothes on and ask for my availability) At the time they only had one part-time fit model and were expanding so I think they were desperate. I’ve been there for over 5 years now, though so it seems they made a good choice hiring me lol.

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OS: Did you know what a Fit Model was before and how do you explain it to people when they ask you about it?

CR: When I went for the interview I thought it was for a fitness model and had no idea what I was going to do. I have always been athletic and I was going to the gym almost every day at that time, so I figured I would give it a try.
When people ask me what I do for a living I usually explain to them what a fit model is and that I am basically a human mannequin and I just try on clothes all day, giving back feedback to the designers and technicians. Sometimes (depending on the person) I save myself the conversation and just tell them who I assist during the fittings at Aritzia.

OS: What is the best and worst part about this job?

CR: Best part about this job is the flexibility, pay and people I work with.

Worst part is how much the industry changes, especially in a fairly new and expanding company. They can put a lot of pressure on you with keeping your measurements within the tolerance and sometimes you can be blamed for things because it’s more convenient. You also have to have “tough skin”, people will make comments about your body, forgetting you’re a real person. Of course they don’t mean to be mean or rude, you always have to keep that in mind.

carlie 4

OS: Your favorite designer at Aritzia to work with and why?

CR: I love working with TNA and the whole team. Since day one I have been fitting with them. I have an athletic, lifestyle body type and that’s what TNA markets too, so we mesh well together.

OS: How long do fit sessions usually last, and what do you have to do?

CR: Fittings can last anywhere from 5 minutes to a full 8 hours per day or more, depending on the time of the year and what’s on the agenda. All I have to do if try on each garment they give me and just give honest, valuable feedback based on fit, feeling and look, by working with the pattern makers, technicians and design team.

Carlie and her boyfriend  Kyle

Carlie with her boyfriend Kyle

OS: How do you stay in shape?

CR: I stay in shape by eating a very clean healthy diet, I’ve always been a healthy eater but recently I gotten into healthy baking since I have a huge sweet tooth. Also, I have gluten and wheat sensitivity, so doing my own cooking and baking allows me to eat whatever I want!

I don’t have any consistent gym schedule even though I should, but right now I do a spin class once a week, some sort of total body workout once or twice a week and then I get outside if the weathers is nice on the weekend.


OS:  What is your personal style?

CR: I am a very casual person during the week, if I could live in sweats and stretchy clothes I would, since I am constantly changing at work all the time, I’m never in my own clothes anyways. On the weekend, depending on my mood, I like to dress up and accessorize a bit. I’m not much of a heel person, though I can’t walk in anything higher than 4 inches.

OS: One thing you can’t absolutely live without at the moment?

CR: Right now, my car. I live in the suburbs and I need my freedom.

OS: Your future goals?

CR: Once I complete school I want to get into a full-time position doing some sort of marketing or business strategy, nothing involving math though, as I am terrible with numbers. I also want to travel within the next year and buy a house in about 3-4 years.