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Graphic artist and photographer rom BarcelonaYago Partal has created a hilarious photo series of Zoo Portraits featuring animals like sloths, otters, bears, pigs and pugs wearing sweaters, suits, hats and leather jackets. At a first glance, the pictures look simply funny and amusing, but when you look closer the pairings start to make much more sense. Prints and greeting cards of these Zoo Portraits are also available for purchase.

For example, a photo of a fierce rhinoceros in a tutu would look downright ridiculous – yet in Yago’s portrait he’s wearing a black leather jacket, which definitely compliments the character. Then you have a grizzly bear wearing a cozy knitted sweater – because what else would you were up north? – but surely there’s a reason it’s decorated with dangerously-looking skulls. A goofy-looking ostrich, on the other hand, couldn’t have made a better scarfed hipster with a hat.


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