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Have you heard about a scandalous ad campaign for French design house Louis Vuitton? A promotional video for Fall/Winter 2013 collection has sparked an outrage  for its “prostitution chic”. Produced by “Love” magazine and filmed by James Lima, the clip features models sauntering down dark alleys in the collection’s négligées, nighties and fur coats while soliciting passersby. Models Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger are among the scantilly-clad ladies featured in this film, leaning into the car windows and even flipping the middle finger. The video jumps back and forth from the streets to the runway show and Marc Jacobs him self,styling the models back stage. Portraying prostitution as a glamorous way has not sat well with women right groups in France.

So has fashion once again gone too far, naked women are being used to create a buzz for the brand and the new collection? Well, this film got everyone talking and perhaps that is the idea behind the video, simply a marketing stunt. When asked designer Mark Jacobs him self about the video and what he thought of it, he simply replied, that this particular collection was aimed at a woman with an attitude of getting dressed up only to find the most glamorous destination, is one’s own hotel room.  

What are your thoughts?