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Street Style from NY, Paris & London

Fashion shows are happening all around the world and designers  are showing us freshly created collections for Spring and Summer 2013. But nothing says style like the streets of the cities we live on. That is where we can see fashion savvy, from all age groups, wearing their own creations, stylishly put together. Most designers turn to the streets to see what people are wearing and that’s how they get inspired for their collections,this I know for sure, from working with two fashion companies in Canada, Aritzia and Obakki
I like people watching and seeing what everyone is wearing, and living in a city like London, I get spoiled by so many hipsters, especially in certain areas like Brixton and Shoreditch
About my personnel style I have to say that I am a mood dresser, by this I mean I wear different styles depending on my mood. Sometimes, when I am feeling lazy, I like to wear something comfy and easy, with no effort put into it. Other times when I am feeling sexy, I want to wear something eye-catching, with a pair of great heels. A lot of things depend on the weather as well. I feel my best in the Spring and Summer. I like warm weather and sunny days. I have discovered that most of my clothes are for summer. This is very strange because all of my life I lived in countries with really short summers. My dream is one day to move to a country with warm weather all year around, to have a nice tan and to wear dresses, skirts and shorts, which I love so much, at all times!!!