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Vancouver, Canada’s hugely successful athletic brand “Lululemon“just got a little red faced.  The company had to recall from the stores around the world, huge numbers of one the most popular, black, Luon Yoga pants. The company found that the pants were a little too shear and revealed a bit too much of the loyal costumers private parts.  Lululemon is offering full refunds and exchanges on all the purchases and is working steadily fast on fixing the problem.
Llulemon athletic clothing brand is no cheap by any means. Average price for a pair of yoga pants starts at around $100. Many companies around the worked tried to copy Lululemon fabric, which is a huge success to its brand and an also a very well-kept secret.
I got my first pair of pants from Lululemon way back in 2001. They looked awesome, great fit, amazing fabric, made my butt look awesome. I loved them. In fact, I just recently had to part from them and not because they fell apart, after so many years of wearing them. Simply, I got tired of the style and when I was moving to London, I had to get rid of a lot of my clothing, because I had no room in my suitcase.  I wore them everywhere, to the gym, around the house and even to work sometimes, when I was feeling lazy and uninspired to wear something dressier.  After so many years they still looked almost brand new, besides few annoying fuzzy balls of fabric here and there.  So, definitely they are worth every penny you spend on them.
Another interesting fact is that Vancouver was recently named one of the worst dressed cities in the world. With huge success of Vancouver’s own brand Lululemon, also came a curse of so-called yoga pant attire. I mean, anywhere you go, and you see them. 
Something that you think can only be appropriate for the gym, is being worn out for shopping, dining, walking around the city, on a date, pretty much anywhere.  Vancouver has a very casual style, but that’s another topic, I will not get into it right now.  I still recommend the brand to everyone and a little while ago I found out that there is a Lululemon store in Chelsea, London.  Made me feel proud of Vancouver, and a little closer to home.